Main brokers commission in difference between buy or sell and market price when opening trade
Over night brokers commission for transferring the trades between the days.
Main until of calculation mainly in forex assets and counted as forth number after the point in major currency assets. In other trading assets pip is usually called a point of movement.
Part of the company in security papers. When investors is willing to invest funds into company, amount of stocks are being his security document that is equal to the amount of his investment and used to calculate his share in the company dividends.
An average calculation of several market values that is described in exchange or trading platform as type of security papers, traded on a futures basis.
Future basis assets as gold, silver, oil, corn, coffee etc
Certain information and prediction that are helping investors to create correct decision over opening or closing trading positions at certain levels.
Brokers funds given to investor in order to increase trading volume and decrease risks from trading, for more information please read Bonus Terms&Conditions
Gathering of continuous situation in the market under certain circumstances that are always repeating, is creating an expected further moves of certain assets.
Situation in the market when traders account balance goes below low risk margin of 30% from the balance. Broker will and should inform you each time your account is at low margin.
Company that is connecting clients one between another and executing trades between them in the market.
Person who is trading with a broker.
Total amount of funds in the account including funds in open trades weather they are in the money, or in negative value.
An average between buy prices and sell prices in the financial markets.
Funds company give you to leverage your initial investment. Some assets are having different minimum amount eligible to enter the market, leverage from the company is allowing you trade with your funds, like if you had much more to trade. For example: Your leverage is 1 to 100 that means that for each dollar in the market company will leverage you a 100 more, means that a 1000$ of your initial investment in the trade will be valued in the market like of you have 100,000$.
A system that will close your trade automatically at the value of the market you have set up previously with the wanted profit from that specific investment.
A system that will close your trade automatically at the negative value of the market you have set up previously with the wanted maximum loss from this specific investment
Pre ordered by you in system price, that will open a certain trade as soon as the market will reach it.
Market analytics based on a technical and mathematical predictions of the past with help of technical indicators and charts
Market analysis based on political and economical situation in the world
Relation between movements of two or more assets one on another.
Difference between a closing price and opening price of the market in a certain period.
Strength of asset movements in the market
Main technical indicator representing time measure of the market price change.


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