Bonus Agreement

1. The formulation of bonus funds.

1.1. The company could offer the investor, as a bonus, a loan that will be added to the investor’s trading account and can be used as a positive balance available for trading.
1.2. Bonus funds are an investment asset of the company and are accepted in trading in the same way as a liquid investor capital.

2. Accrual of bonus funds.

2.1. To receive bonus funds from the company to your trading account, the investor must agree in advance with the company representative and give written approval to receive bonus funds from the company.
2.2. The representative of the company takes on the obligation to send a confirmation letter and the requirement to familiarize themselves with this bonus agreement to the investor’s e-mail given in his trading account.
2.3. The investor, who confirmed the receipt of bonus funds to his trading account by e-mail, acknowledges and agrees to all the terms of the JYNCFX bonus agreement.

3. Bonus funds trading.

3.1. Bonus funds are fully active for trading and have no restrictions on use within the framework of a trading account at JYNCFX.
3.2. Upon receiving profit from trading with bonus funds, this profit will be added to the trading account without any limitations.
3.3. When trading with bonus funds, you first trade at the expense of your deposited funds.
3.4. In the event of a total or partial loss of funds from trading, in the first place, the damage will refer to the investor’s funds and only after that to the company’s bonus funds.

4. Limitations related to the use of bonus funds.

4.1. Upon receiving bonus funds, the possibility to make withdrawals from the account will be limited – up to 15% of the total investment per month. The restriction is valid until the fulfillment of trading terms to liquidate the bonus.
4.2. Before fulfilling the trading terms regarding the bonus liquidation, the investor can also withdraw up to 10% of the total monthly profit per month.
4.3. Any other withdrawal amount of funds from the trading account until the fulfillment of the trading terms of the bonus liquidation will be impossible.

5. Trading terms of bonus liquidation on a trading account.

5.1. To completely liquidate bonus funds and be able to withdraw any amount from the balance, including previously received bonus funds, the investor must perform certain trading operations with the trading account.
5.2. Bonus funds can and will be considered as completely traded and available for withdrawal upon reaching the following trade turnover: the bonus amount divided by the primary leverage in the company (1: 100) and multiplied by the bonus lending coefficient 5, then you get the number of lots of underlying assets, which the investor must open in transactions on the trading account.
5.3. After fulfilling the trading terms of the bonus funds liquidation, any amount on the balance of the investor’s trading account will be available for withdrawal.

6. Lodging a complaint regarding bonus funds.

6.1. If the investor received bonus funds to the trading account without prior written confirmation of the investor by e-mail, JYNCFX is obliged to debit the bonus funds from the trading account without commissions within 24 hours.
6.2. To refuse from the execution of the trading terms for bonus liquidation and get full access to the withdrawal of funds from the trading account, the investor is obliged to write an application to the email [email protected], which must be considered within 48 office hours.

6.3. In case of rejecting the terms of bonus funds liquidation, the company has the right to write off all profits earned from bonus funds trading.
6.4. If the investor rejects the terms of bonus liquidation, the company will charge the total number of bonuses from the investor’s trading account, including all possible losses from the total investor’s sum while working with bonus funds.
6.5. If the investor rejects the terms of bonus liquidation, the company has also the right to charge 50% of the total bonus from the investor’s remaining balance, as compensation for damage.


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